Ondernemers ondersteunen

We bieden ideeën, ervaring, connecties en vooral onze tijd en inzet om ideeën om te zetten in realiteit.

“Freshstream provided us with other ways of thinking and working to ensure we were more successful as a team, without it being intrusive.”

Carl Castledine – Away Resorts, CEO

How we typically support our portfolio companies

The nature of our support varies according to the needs of each company, but we typically help in the following areas:

Cross borders

Market leaders, at some point, will reach the limits of their growth within their home countries, and look to expand into new geographies and access new customer bases. New markets can be exciting, but also daunting.

As an international firm ourselves, we have supported many of our portfolio companies to navigate this leap.

We help the companies we invest in identify suitable markets, develop an effective strategy, and provide guidance on successful execution.

Accelerate sales

Often, the most successful approach is: the same, but more! We can assist in scaling up your existing salesforce and maximising its efficiency, identifying new customer segments, and optimising your marketing efforts.


Organic growth is great, but acquisitions can also play a vital role when entering into new markets, developing new products, or purely accelerating growth.

With our team’s extensive experience, we are well equipped to advise on how to execute successful buy-and-build transactions – M&A is our bread and butter at Freshstream.

We can help you identify and screen acquisition targets, conduct due diligence, manage the process, and of course arrange financing.

Develop the team

At Freshstream, we firmly believe that people sit at the foundation of every successful business.

So, we invest significant time and money into developing the teams of our portfolio companies to harness strong leadership and sustain engaged employees.

We do this in many ways such as developing the leadership team, recruiting new talent, maintaining and building the culture, as well as driving employee engagement.

See more information below on our bespoke leadership development programme, Fresh Thinking.

Harness technology

Freshstream continuously seeks out the newest technologies to ensure that systems and data are optimised for performance and growth.

We conduct comprehensive assessments of current systems, with a focus on scalability, cyber security, and data handling.

Our ongoing activities following acquisition include advanced analytics to support value creation plan initiatives, data extraction, auditing of IT upgrades, and periodic cyber security reviews.

Embrace sustainability

At Freshstream, we believe that every company has an opportunity to make a positive impact by leveraging its unique set of assets, skills, and connections.

ESG considerations go hand in hand with long-term profit..

We are also committed to carbon neutrality at Freshstream and throughout all our investments, we take a proactive approach to measuring carbon footprints, identifying ways to reduce emissions, and investing in certified carbon offsetting initiatives.

Our dedicated value creation team

In order to support you in these areas, we have a dedicated in-house team of subject-matter experts to work alongside you in your business.
We don’t assume management roles but do provide additional brains and hands where they are not immediately available in the organisation. We can also connect you to our extensive network of world-class experts on every imaginable topic.

FreshThinking is a bespoke leadership programme for high-potential executives, offered exclusively to all Freshstream portfolio companies.


FreshThinking is a bespoke leadership programme for high-potential executives, offered exclusively to all Freshstream portfolio companies.

Through a series of group content workshops, 1-on-1 coaching, and networking sessions, the programme covers topics such as leadership and value-setting, how to build high-performing teams, core skills for effective leaders, and ESG as a tool for value-creation.

FreshThinking gives up-and-coming managers the opportunity to not only learn from Freshstream’s extensive value creation experience, but also to share best practice collectively with other managers in the portfolio via group sessions. This initiative aims to transform functional managers into general managers, armed with the tools to drive value in their organisations.

Through this initiative, Freshstream is proud to cultivate an environment of success, growth, and development across all our investments.