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A leading provider of innovative and intelligence-led end-to-end security solutions

Founded in 1993, DeterTech is a leading provider of innovative and intelligence-led end-to-end security solutions. It principally serves customers in the construction, infrastructure, and property management sectors. DeterTech has an established client base across the UK, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden. The firm also provides a proprietary traceable liquid and forensic marking solution, SmartWater, enabling criminals or stolen property to be linked to crime scenes.

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The value creation plan for DeterTech consists of four pillars:

  • Salesforce expansion
  • Entry into adjacent customer segments
  • International expansion through selective M&A
  • Extension of the product portfolio

When we acquired DeterTech, it was already the market leader in re-deployable security cameras in the UK, but in a fragmented yet fast-growing market, we saw significant headroom for upside growth. Our first priority was to expand the sales team and accelerate growth in DeterTech’s home market. Where DeterTech was previously focused mainly on construction sites, we also saw opportunities to move into adjacent sectors such as solar parks, wind parks, and retail.

In collaboration with management, we developed an international expansion strategy and decided that the best route to market was through M&A opportunities. In the two years following our initial acquisition we completed two add-on deals, securing the company’s entry into the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Denmark. We subsequently entered the Swedish market through organic expansion.

To address different customer needs in continental markets we expanded DeterTech’s product suite with a tower proposition, and initiated a radical upgrade of the original product, the “Dalek”, insourcing the manufacturing process.

Throughout our period of ownership, we have invested heavily in the foundations of the company to build a future-proof business.

This includes a complete rebranding, the introduction of a new CRM system, and the significant strengthening of DeterTech’s senior management team with the appointment of a new Chairman, CEO, CTO, and CPO.

To support the business’ sustainability objectives, we have partnered with a waste management provider, sending 0% of waste to landfill from the company’s Telford, UK site.