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An independent music company built to acquire and manage publishing and recording music rights

Formed in 2021, Bella Figura Music is an independent music company built to acquire and manage publishing and recording music rights. The company uses best-in-class tech-enabled solutions to support the active administration and licensing of the music rights it manages, coupled with in-house creative portfolio management. Since its inception, the business has acquired several profitable music catalogues, spanning various genres, vintages, and geographies.

Freshstream partnered with an industry leading executive team to create Bella Figura Music, seizing the opportunity to launch and scale a buy-and-build platform with a differentiated business model, in a sector benefiting from strong structural drivers. To date, Bella Figura Music has completed a number of add-on acquisitions, with a very strong pipeline of future targets identified.


The value creation plan for Bella Figura Music (BFM) consists of four pillars:

  • Source and acquire high-quality catalogues, leveraging the founders’ network and intermediaries
  • Scale up technical earnings by ensuring accurate registration data and collecting all revenues due
  • Develop a creative-led strategy to attract rights holders and deliver increased creative earnings
  • Optimise the company structure and financing to maximise risk-adjusted returns

BFM was born to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of the music industry, requiring a fresh approach to rights management. BFM is an artist-focused music company founded and led by musicians, designed for the digital age.

Since the start of our partnership with BFM’s founders in December 2021, we have built up a strong portfolio of high-quality music catalogues, and we have made significant progress in institutionalising the company’s sourcing and deal execution processes, as well as developing its network of intermediaries.

We have been closely involved in strengthening the structure of the organisation around its two founders, bringing critical in-house capabilities to optimise the acquired catalogues and drive earnings growth through creative management.

Freshstream has also supported BFM to develop a roster of best-in-class technology partners, enabling more efficient registration and metadata clean-ups, maximised revenue collection as well as supporting creative initiatives.

On the capital structure side, we have spearheaded the raise of a revolving debt facility from a renowned US music lender, onboarding a select group of high-profile institutional co-investors alongside Freshstream, to optimise and strengthen BFM’s balance sheet and prepare the platform for further growth.